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Jackson Real Estate Investing Group (RIG)
Committed to Education, Investing & Networking

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Who are we?

Why Should I Join the RIG Group?


Do you have access to many of the experienced real estate investors in the Jackson area?  Are you a savy house buyer and seller?  Do you know how to be a profitable landlord?  Are you constantly learning and improving how you rehab houses? Is your personal wealth growing?  Are you strengthening your community?  IF YOUR ANSWERS TO ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS IS "YES", THEN YOU MUST ALREADY BE A MEMBER OF THE JACKSON, MS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT GROUP!


Regardless of your skill or experience level currently, we cordially invite you to come to our weekly meeting of the “RIG GROUP”. Come network with other investors and learn how they do things. Find out about the latest laws, statutes, techniques and strategies that will be effecting how YOU do your business in the Jackson area. Whether you have a budding interest in real estate and want to find out more or you are a “seasoned veteran” in the business, we have much to offer you in the Jackson Investors Group!



  • Access to our weekly meetings. Every dues-paying member gets a to attend our regular weekly meetings (Thursdays at noon).  There is a required per person charge for attending each meeting for both members and visitors.  Visitors may attend twice without joining.

  • Marketing Session. This is a segment of our meeting provides an opportunity for those present to present their individual deals, buy, sell, and trade. If you have a property to sell or a deal to make, this is the place to be! (Please note that RIG does NOT organize, facilitate or endorse any specific real estate transaction; any transactions actually occurring are between the principal parties involved only).

  • Speakers. We have been continually bringing our members the very best and highest quality educational speakers around. Always timely and directly related to your real estate business, topics will range from education on upper-level investment strategies to taxation issues to asset protection, property management and even how to get started in the business – and everything in between! NO ONE ELSE locally is able to consistently bring in the high-caliber level of speakers we do on a consistent basis!

  • Seminars & Workshops. Since continued education at all levels is so vital in this business, from time to time we will feature special seminars and workshops in addition to our regular weekly meetings. Ranging from 1/2-day seminars to weekend boot-camps, these events are highly-educational and are taught by both local and nationally renowned experts.

  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTS to places like: (To be announced)

  • Opportunities… to network, brainstorm and share ideas with your peers; to grow & make deals happen that may never have occurred otherwise. Come & learn how other investors turn problems into opportunities.

  • Full Website access... to the “members only” area of this website. This is an INCREDIBLE benefit to our members. Here’s a little of what you can expect in the “members-only” section:
    • Blog / Dicussion Forum. This is an online forum with a listserv function tied in. Mainly intended to help facilitate ongoing discussions about relevant topics between meeting, this is an incredibly dynamic way to stay connected with other members. Have a question? Email all the other members and ask!

    • Benefits section. You can learn precisely how to utilize and benefit from all that RIG brings to you as a member;

    • Members’ Resources. This is an area that provides you with special access to important information and highly-informative materials, like notes from speaker presentations, articles, Jackson-specific landlord checklists, contracts & paperwork, etc.
To join RIG through Standard Membership right now and start enjoying all the benefits of membership right away!